Welcome to bitpath.org.  We respect privacy and freedom of speech, and abuse of our network will not be tolerated.

On bitpath.org, you can share activity streams, messages and files.  Premium members get a personal secure file portal they can share with their guest/persona accounts, and persona accounts you create can be used on this and our family of sites.  Why would you want to create persona accounts or have a place to share secure files with them?  You may want to create a persona account to give a guest access to secure files, or as a dating or professional profile you can still access your secure files from.  You may want one as an anonymous pen name for any of our sites.  There are different reasons you may want staff/guest/persona logins under your account for our network, which currently includes:

Our network of sites are currently being redeveloped, so features and form will change, perhaps dramatically and often.  Send feedback to admin@bitpath.org.