What's this for and what can it do for me?  What do we get out of it?

Bitpath.org - Your Personna Inner-NetWelcome to bitpath.org.  While we respect privacy and freedom of speech, abuse of our network will not be tolerated.  Our sites are for lawful purposes only.  You can use the same ID on any of our sites, or set up guest/persona accounts to play around under pseudonyms. Currently all personas require a unique email address, where password resets for that account will go, though we are working on removing that necessity.  You can still reset all persona passwords from your Client Hub, if you give someone an account you would like to revoke, or use an unregistered dummy address like noreply29292@bitpath.org for your "anonymous" personas, for example.  We're making a lot of changes this month and building in the features.  If you register early, you'll have access to our other sites, a trial period to try all our features, and we'll send you a special offer once we're done setting this up :).  Please, let us know your ideas if there's a feature or improvement you'd like us to roll in!

Our network includes:

Well.  We're still building the various content type interfaces.  Currently we are building a simple milage list and to do, as well as bookings.  Everything is free while we're getting our act together.  Please do not abuse this for spam and viagra ads, as those will be removed and those user account email addresses will be banned.  If you register now, once we get things sorted we will send an email and you will have a trial period and the option to keep your account(s) with a monthly subscription. In the meantime just tell us what would be cool, and don't abuse this please :).

Please send questions, comments and feature suggestions to admin@bitpath.org.