Welcome to bitpath.org.  While we respect privacy and freedom of speech, abuse of our network will not be tolerated.  Our network is for lawful purposes only.

Our entire network of sites is currently being redeveloped. Entire sections will be empty and things will go up and down while we come into focus.  We’re working on things and no subscriptions will be charged until further notice.  Any members will be switched to a 14-day trial mode with no obligation and no charges, unless you opt in to subscription membership, once things are up.

On our network, you can save and share activity streams, stories, bookmarks, messages and files.  Premium members get a secure file portal that is shared with their guest or persona accounts.  Bitpath accounts, including any guests or personas you set up, can be used on our entire network of sites.  Why would you want to create persona accounts or share files with them?  You may want to give a guest temporary access to secure files, or create a dating or professional profile.  Maybe you want to post classifieds under a separate persona, use an anonymous pen name to post wild stories with, or have another use in mind. Ok, so… What are the terms?

Our network will include:

  • bitpad.net – social networking; advertise, mix and mingle
  • cognitiveyoga.org – self development; facilitated learning and goal achievement
  • sankhara.org – metaphysical musings; spiritual explorations
  • ishworld.net – imagination run wild; digital arts and crafts
  • netpath.info – knowledge pooling; reference and research
  • bitpath.org (here) – account management; control your subscription and personas, with premium access to any and all of the above.

Again, our entire network of sites is currently being redeveloped. Nothing will be charged during this time. You’ll have an opportunity to move to subscription if you wish when we’re good to go.

Please send your desired features and other feedback to admin@bitpath.org.

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