For the small business that wants a visually-aesthetic internet presence with advanced market features such as displaying a product catalog and allowing online orders to update available inventory, or allowing clients to book resources and services for themselves.  The base hosting for the expected website is $200 per month.  The $200 design and setup fee includes the first month of hosting and is expected to take approximately two of our hours, which will include initial consultation with you, planning and follow-up.  More advanced designs can be requested at an additional consulting fee of $120 per hour.  No work that would be billed beyond the standard setup fee will be started before an additional agreement, and it is expected the $200 setup fee includes everything necessary for a functional and acceptably appealing website that can be agreed-upon, with clear expectations on what additional development would cost more. This caps what you can expect the charges to be, to be delivered a functional product you can give feedback on and build upon too.  The $200 monthly fee includes up to 45 minutes a month advanced consulting and assistance, which you can use to vet various research or development ideas, or even to make small changes for you.  You will have full admin-level access of your website, and it will be built largely on a foundation that you will be able to edit yourself with various tools.  We also take responsibility for any work required to trouble-shoot server/system issues, as that should be expected hosting with us. We will work with the engineers to resolve any issues ASAP.  That is expected of us, and does not count towards the included 45-minute quick-requests included with our hosting.  Licensing for any premium modules used for the final design is also included, unless it’s outside our standard Premium Toolkit.  We will gladly help you install and configure other premium plugins, and help you choose the right ones for your needs if you wish.  Our Small Business Custom Website Development and Hosting includes many modules which may cover your needs just fine though! In addition to us helping you design and present your own unique website to the world, our Small Business Hosting also includes everything our Maestro/Benefactor accounts do, so you also get vendor tools on our own network, and the ability to create Avatar accounts and assign them to up to 12 employees!