Terms of Service

By using this or any Bitpath.org network site, you are agreeing that you are an adult, following all relevant laws.  This is a site for adults.  There is no effort to be profane or crude, it is just not designed for children.  We have no intention of treating our members like children.  As a courtesy to others, please set any content you think is inappropriate for children to members-only, to help parents control where their children browse.  Also, members-only content helps filter information from public search results.

While our sites allow anonymous type usernames, please do not try to pretend to be other (real) people. For example, do not intentionally mislead people if you are using names similar to others.  Use a disclaimer if needed, and common sense. Attempt to make any satire or mimicry obvious, and in good faith.

A trial account does not create a past due once it expires.  Pay the subscription to keep it, or not.  Re-registering the same username later is not the same as keeping an account and its data.  It would be just a new account with a same or similar name.  Please do not ask us to retrieve any information from expired accounts.